Many of our students who have struggled academically are not lacking in intelligence but rather have not found consistent ways to translate their abilities into a matching academic performance.

Our trained and experienced academic team provides to support to students seeking to further their academic progress. Whether just starting college or needing to reboot the college experience, finishing high school or seeking a GED, enrolling in a Technology college or other vocational training; our academic team is ready to help, offering support in the following areas:

  • Academic Assessment: identifying academic strengths and needs to set students up for success by matching them to appropriate academic classes and course loads as well as supports and accommodations
  • Career Counseling: utilizing innovative tools such as the Greenwood 120 to assess aptitude and interests to explore educational and career paths
  • Executive Functioning: identifying tools and building skills to improve organization, procrastination, perfectionism or rigidity
  • Tutoring: beyond reviewing or teaching concepts, helping to get ideas out of the head and onto the computer screen in an organized way, and supporting students when they are struggling to stay focused
  • Accessing School Resources: helping students identify and access resources, navigate school support systems such Accessibility Services, and increase self-advocacy; as research has shown these skills to be a key indicator of success for those with learning differences

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