Chris, Life Coach

Chris is a native of Utah. He attended elementary, middle and high school all in Utah county. He enjoyed participating in various extracurricular classes throughout high school and for a project in English was given a task to send an email to the house of representatives in hopes of a response. He was pretty stoked to be the only student in the entire county who received a response. Chris has a wide range of vocational interests. He has worked in construction management since graduating high school prior to becoming a mentor with New Perspectives and since promoted to a life coach position. 

When asked “why he wanted to work for New Perspectives?”, he responded, “To help support and educate both the students as well as myself.” He loves every ounce of his job and all that it comes with. Although this field is fairly new to him, his enthusiasm and work ethic prove his desire to help others in any way possible. Chris has been told his entire life he has an insane amount of energy and is extremely bubbly and random. He now realizes with these tools, it comes naturally to get along with people he meets. He added that he is very friendly and loves making people smile and laugh. 

When not working, he loves spend time with his children! He is also passionately likes to skateboard, snowboard, sky dive, read, write, singing (although not my strong suit) and cook. He specially loves learning and building, a hobby that started a young age when he would build gadgets with his grandfather. His goal is to attend UVU next year to pursue a degree in the medical field.