The New Perspectives Clinical Team is made up of therapists who specialize in supporting neurodiverse young adults. Based on student needs, they pull from a variety of philosophical frameworks and techniques including CBT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing, Experiential Therapy, Exposure Therapy, EMDR, Mindfulness, Mind Body Bridging, DBT, Art therapy, and others.

As a team, they share a core belief that while breakthroughs can happen in an office, in-office therapy should be just one of the many tools a therapist uses to facilitate growth. While some students process information better and prefer the serenity of the office setting, new research is suggesting that simply walking while talking can help increase deeper thinking. By spending time with students out of the office, therapists are able to gain perspective and better insight to the dynamics that might be impacting progress. They are on call and available to students for in the moment support. Joining with students in their times of distress, therapists are able to give more precise and impactful support.

The therapists also work in tandem with other success team members. They provide support and coaching to parents. They work closely with the coaching team and share their knowledge and experience as they mentor, train, and supervise our clinically informed life coaches.

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