Janet Robinson, LCSW

While it is easy to focus on her education and credentials, Janet’s real value is her innovative and in-the-trenches approach to working with her clients. Her love of people, curiosity, and out-of-the box thinking help her focus on finding what works for each individual. Her unique perspective is influenced by her life experiences.

Growing up outside of the U.S. and continued international travel focused on service, help influence Janet’s unique perspective in valuing differences and recognizing that there are many right ways to approach situations. Janet and her husband Justin are the parents of four biological children and have welcomed four teenagers including three refugee youth from Myanmar and Afghanistan into their family.

Her professional expertise is enhanced from personal experiences living with family members whose challenges include learning disorders, autism, traumatic brain injury, severe trauma, as well as other mental health issues. She understands personally the toll these can take on individuals and families. She also has seen the fruits of healing and the incredible strength and accomplishments that have come from these challenges.

Janet’s professional career started in 1993. Throughout her career, she has served in many leadership and therapeutic roles in both out-patient settings and in-patient settings. She believes that traditional models of couch therapy are not enough and traditional residential treatment at times unintentionally punishes youth and young adults because they have neurological differences. This perspective helped shaped the truly unique creation of New Perspectives approach in supporting young adults as they create their independent life.