Jason Webb

Jason began working professionally with young adults in 2007. Some of his professional experience includes his education from the Utah Valley University in Recreation Management, his work for three years with adventure wilderness and challenge ropes courses as well as the past few years as a clinically informed life coach for New Perspectives. His training and expertise include working with almost all forms of neurodiversity including non-verbal learning disorder, high functioning autism, a number of academic learning disorders, social anxieties, and much more. Jason has a gift for helping young adults accept and love themselves for who they are while helping them overcome specific challenges and build success. Jason grew up in the state of Utah, but also has experience living abroad. While living in Brazil, Jason became fluent in speaking Portuguese but also gained a love for other people, cultures, global citizenship and the personal growth that comes through cultural immersion. Jason was taught from a young that the world is our campus. To find the serenity in challenges, adrenaline, and fear is monumental. Through Challenge Courses and outdoor programs, I have worked with big, diverse groups from corporate groups, therapy groups, sports teams, school groups, etc to better the progression and relationship of teams. “When somebody asks what has been my favorite adventure or experience; in the back of my mind, I am thinking, the next one!”