Jeff Carlson, MBA

Career Development & Life Coach

Jeff worked in construction with his dad from age 14 until after high school. He then went into construction management for a couple years before becoming licensed as a B100 general contractor. While in college, Jeff also earned a bachelor’s in behavioral science. After graduation, he was employed by Pulte Construction in Orlando, Florida. After a while there, he decided to move back to Utah and worked in construction for several more years until 2007 when the economy crashed and decided to go back to college earning a Master’s in Business. Around 2009, his son was diagnosed with PDD, a form of autism, which caused him to reflect on his experience in behavioral science. This led to a professional opportunity at Wasatch Mental Health working primarily with people in drug court. He also ran an after-school skills group for elementary school children, and facilitated in a parenting skills group, working with parents who have had their children removed from the home from the DCFS. While working with Wasatch Mental health, he took a part time night job at Oakley School. 

Working with New Perspectives has given Jeff the unique opportunity to use all of the skills he learned throughout his career. Construction taught him to work with his hands. Drug court taught him to better understand how to help people struggling with addictions. Parenting groups taught him the importance of family values and family support. For each of these reasons, he enjoys working for New Perspectives and because of the atmosphere of acceptance. New Perspective understands that every person is different and there is no one size fits all. Every student comes with their own unique interests and talents and New Perspective is able to tailor each aspect of their program to fit the needs of the students.