At New Perspectives, we believe in the value of recreation purely for the joy of engaging in fun and novel experiences, but we also recognize it can be much more. Recreation can be a healthy way to blow off steam and let go of daily pressures. It can also be utilized as a powerful tool for growth. For example, learning how to overcome anxiety on a ski hill can transfer over to reducing anxiety in other areas of life. Recreation can also be a crucial tool in connecting with others through common interests.

We recognize that our students have a wide variety of recreational interests and needs. Our Rec Team strives to provide both opportunities for new experiences as well as ensuring students feel supported in pursuing personal interests and passions. Students can choose to participate in the following recreational elements of our program:

  • Evening and weekend activities: everything from game night, movies, dinner out, Friday night Majic, Dungeon and Dragons, skiing, boating and other outdoor sports, as well as community events such as concerts, professional sports and Comic Com
  • Monthly weekend getaways: trips are planned with the input of students to explore Utah and the surrounding areas
  • Exercise and fitness: we encourage students to participate in some form of regular exercise and strive to help students find a fitness activity they enjoy; such as walking and talking with staff, rock climbing, biking, yoga, working with a personal trainer, etc.
  • Ski and snowboard program: we are minutes away from some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the world and our Rec Team includes experienced instructors for those who are just getting started or wanting to improve their technique
  • Fall and spring break trips: each year we offer an optional week long trip during Utah Valley University’s breaks
  • Summer travel abroad: International travel with service and adventure experiences provide unique growth opportunities to increase confidence, improve communication and problem solving, and provide exposure to new ideas and ways of thinking.

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