Tyler Halls

Tyler has worked with young adults since 2010, finding ways to empower and challenge students to be their best selves and foster their inherent greatness. With extensive experience in providing training and mentorship to other providers in a multitude of programs, Tyler brought his skill set to New Perspectives. “I get satisfaction out of teaching a ‘new way’ of life to these young adults. There is so much more to life than just depression, anxiety, drugs, and alcohol abuse,” he says.

As a life coach, Tyler has a passion for mentoring young adults into a balanced life of education, career findings, healthy lifestyles, and relationships. When possible, Tyler strives to get young adults outside to engage in adventurous activities such as climbing, mountain biking, swimming, fishing, backpacking, and skiing. “The outdoors is such a healing and great teaching ground for everything about life.” Tyler’s professional life is also an extension of his personal life, as he is also a certified rock climbing, skiing, and mountain biking instructor. Tyler is truly a jack of all trades who offers such a wide variety of support for our students whether it be for academic, recreational, or personal endeavors.