Different By Design

a motivational approach based on current research and best practices

Rather than isolating students from real life situations and experiences, we immerse young adults in the local community.​

  • Young adults in programs have frequently expressed frustration that they are putting their independent lives on hold while they complete “treatment.” Our approach seeks to help students feel engaged in living real life, starting on day one.
  • While many of our students enjoy regular socialization within the NP peer community, our emphasis is on building connections and a sense of belonging in the larger environment.

Rather than an overly restrictive attempt to prevent poor student choices, we accept that a young adult has the right to choose.​

  • Restricting choice, by its very nature, leads to power struggles, limits honest interaction, and decreases internal motivation, all while creating feelings of disempowerment and hopelessness. Restricting choice may result in a temporary change, but usually the behavior returns once the external reinforcement is removed. ​​​
  • Growth often comes as a direct result of learning from mistakes. Our approach is to allow life to provide natural consequences whenever possible, rather than creating artificial consequences in a way that results in resentment.
  • When students feel they have a choice, it is easier to establish trust, creating greater potential for cooperation and willingness to accept guidance and constructive feedback.

Rather than an over-reliance on traditional “in-office” counseling sessions, our team provides in-the-moment coaching and support in more natural environments.

  • The standard relation of therapy to everyday life is divorced from the moment, reducing the effectiveness of many therapeutic interventions, limiting the opportunity for their integration into the “real life” of many struggling young adults.
  • Specialized support provided in-the-moment allows teaching personalized to the specific needs of each individual.
  • Clinically-structured group therapy can stifle the ability of students to organically create and shape their social connections; emphasizing individual therapy expands their potential to, and guides the realization of, their inherent ability to build meaningful relationships among their chosen peers.

Rather than a formulaic, cookie-cutter program schedule, we place emphasis on every student having a unique, individualized plan.

  • Each student’s schedule is the result of a continual process of collaboration with their coaching team.
  • This intentional process gives a foundation for the development of a structure that allows them to reach mutually-agreed upon goals in the manner and rhythm best suited for their unique personalities and challenges.